Dave Bixby is a singer, songwriter, and the leader of the Harbinger Orchestra.

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Petal Motel: Loner folk legend Dave Bixby announces “Harbinger Orchestra”

“Dave’s latest venture is crafting what he’s calling the “Harbinger Orchestra,” after his second album “Second Coming,” recorded under the name “Harbinger” with other members of The Group. Dave’s invited musicians worldwide to record their interpretations of his music in the same way he did…

Le Temps: Dave Bixby, du folk, du LSD, puis la rédemption

“It would take hundreds of pages to sketch Dave Bixby’s life course, his religious quests, his spiritual retreats and his professional wandering. To put it simply: things got out of hand very early on for him, because he had the misfortune of encountering LSD in 1968,…

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