About Dave Bixby

Dave Bixby is a singer, songwriter, and leader of the Harbinger Orchestra

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dave played with folk bands in high school before cutting off his hippie hair to join a religious group. Dave’s definitive loner acid folk album, Ode to Quetzalcoatl, was recorded following a long period of time Dave spent in what he calls ‘the void’, a dark, depressive episode after a prolonged period of taking LSD almost daily. Dave came out of the void and turned to God, a journey and transformation Ode to Quetzalcoatl documents. The haunting 1969 album was reissued by Spanish label Guerssen in 2009, catching the attention of private press collectors everywhere.

Dave’s lived a vivid and fascinating life, beginning with his leadership within a Michigan-based Christian cult only known as “The Group.” Always a loner and an adventurer, Dave left the group after being sent to various corners of the country to launch new chapters, built a cabin and lived off the land. He became a park ranger in Lake Havasu, a singing cowboy in the Grand Canyon, and sailed down the Colorado River to Baja California in a boat he built himself. Today he lives in nearby Williams, Arizona where he continues to make music.

Dave’s latest venture is crafting what he’s calling the “Harbinger Orchestra,” after his second album Second Coming, recorded under the name “Harbinger” with other members of The Group. Dave’s invited musicians worldwide to record their interpretations of his music in the same way he did – in living rooms, at home, in isolation. Anyone with a home studio is invited to join.

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