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Dave Bixby in the News

Le Temps: Dave Bixby, du folk, du LSD, puis la rédemption

“It would take hundreds of pages to sketch Dave Bixby’s life course, his religious quests, his spiritual retreats and his professional wandering. To put it simply: things got out of hand very early on for him, because he had the misfortune of encountering LSD in 1968,…

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Everything is Stories: Current with the Past

“Originally released in 1969, Dave Bixby’s Ode to Quetzacoatl is considered an underground classic in the psychedelic folk genre. With tracks such as “Drug Song” and “666″, the album remains dark, revelatory, and spiritual even in the 21st century. For years, rumors of Bixby’s disappearance and death spread amongst listeners. No one knew…

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Far Off Sounds: God’s Singing Man

“In 1966, Dave Bixby burned out on LSD and went temporarily out of his mind. What pulled him back was his encounter with a wandering spiritualist named Don Degraff. Together they formed a prayer group and played music. The group rapidly grew into a Christian…

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The Rapidian: Second Coming: The Story of David Bixby – Part 1

“Bixby has been tracked down by the community that gushed over his long-lost record on Internet forums and in record-collecting books. Ode to Quetzalcoatl and another even more rare record called Second Coming by the band Harbinger (basically Bixby backed by a few others) have been re-pressed by the…

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