The Rapidian: Second Coming: The Story of David Bixby – Part 1

“Bixby has been tracked down by the community that gushed over his long-lost record on Internet forums and in record-collecting books. Ode to Quetzalcoatl and another even more rare record called Second Coming by the band Harbinger (basically Bixby backed by a few others) have been re-pressed by the record label Guerssen from Spain. Big Pink Music from Korea is looking to repress both albums for Bixby fans in Japan and Korea. “Drug Song” is on a compilation from the French label Wool Records.

Bixby has been asked to perform in Australia, England, Spain and France, and this Friday, he is set to perform in Grand Rapids for the first time in 40 years. It is a homecoming of sorts, filled with regret as well as hope and a sense of wonder at how this long forgotten music has gained a new life completely independent of the man who created it in the first place.”

Read Part One of the full story by Matt Poole in The Rapidian

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