The Rapidian: Second Coming: The Story of David Bixby – Part 2

On his way home from a concert late one snowy, winter night Bixby’s car died and, unable to restart it, he began to walk home.  He remembers, “I was ready to just sit down in a snowbank and just go to sleep, just give it up; I was pretty depressed. And I experienced a person, the personage of Christ.  I didn’t see anything, but I heard within my mind, ‘David, I’m with you and I’ve been with you from the beginning.’”

Bixby harnessed these experiences and wrote in less than two months what would become “Ode to Quetzalcoatl,” most of Harbinger’s “Second Coming” and many other tracks never recorded.  These songs lament the damage done to his psyche by drugs and celebrate the healing he found in God.  After Bixby performed some of these songs at a local coffeehouse, DeGraaf approached him and shared stories of his own unusual spiritual experiences and the two connected.  “I think he was genuinely motivated to communicate to people that Christ exists.  He had a meaningful experience for himself, and his testimony brought Brian [MacInness] on board and it brought me  on board.” 

Read Part Two of the full story by Matt Poole in the Rapidian

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