Bandcamp Daily: Hidden Gems: Dave Bixby, “Ode to Quetzalcoatl”

As a teenager, Bixby experimented heavily with LSD before burning himself out on the drug. With just an acoustic guitar and a newfound belief in God, he began writing songs that captured this limbo. The resulting album ricochets back and forth between hope and despair, regret and wisdom—a vast personal shift captured in real time, on record.

The songs can be sparse and tender—as on the gently echoing “Free Indeed”—or seamlessly melodic, like on “666,” where Bixby’s guitar dances between intricate fingerpicking and impassioned strums. His vocals, rich, resonant, and vivacious, round out the experience, expanding its range while driving home its accessibility.

Read the full review Daniel Dylan Wray on Bandcamp

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