Brainwashed Magazine : Dave Bixby, “Ode to Quetzalcoatl” Review

“The strength of the album is its ability to immerse the audience in the dark mood that Bixby surely was undergoing at the time. Painfully honest and relentlessly sad, it remains as alluring as watching a building get smashed to the ground; there is, of course, beauty in destruction.

Each track is at once gentle and raw, subtle and apparent. “Mother” is an apology letter to Bixby’s mother, whose attempts to help him find God proved fruitless until, of course, Bixby had undergone the proper mental agonies to seek it out himself. It is a regretful offering that seems steeped in personal meaning for the singer. The hollow vocal production only makes it that much more touching. “Open Doors” opens with extended guitar work weaving shades of grey before slipping into a dark folk ballad whose true effect is buried far beneath the lyrics themselves while “666” is, suprrisingly, the most upbeat number here, though that’s a highly relative statement.”

Read the full review at Brainwashed Magazine.

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