Brent Sutton : Bio by Dean Merrell

    Brent Sutton is known for his guitar talent. Mainly in the genre of metal and heavy rock, his music is infused with heavy, melodic, progressive guitar drive.  However, he still finds time to excel in acoustic guitar, when the need presents itself.  
    Based in rural Williams, Arizona, much of his music finds it audience through his publications on major online music platforms and other social media.  But, that’s not to say that he hasn’t been an active live performer.  
    One of his first claims to fame was his role as guitarist, song writer, and co-vocalist in the Phoenix based glam-rock band ‘Hollywood Heartthrob’, back during 2008-2011.  In the following years his song writing has stayed true to his passion for more of a heavy metal, melodic, progressive sound.  
    His music flows with various levels of changes within song structure, guitar scales, and key, all the while driving strong with heavy electric guitar.  Lyrically, much of his music speaks of human issues, everyday living, morality, and the imaginary. 
    His journey as a musician began at at 8, when he started playing drums.  At age 13 he bought his first ‘beginner’s guitar’, mainly through money that he had earned through his newspaper delivery route.  Ever since, his talent in song writing and guitar playing has continued to excel.  For at least 10 years he has been publishing his own music, having written and recorded them personally. For more information on Brent and to listen to his music, see his website:

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