ODE TO QUETZALCOATL by Dave Bixby – Review by Eric Caroffino

Ode to Quetzalcoatl is a fascinating journey of musicality squeezed into only a few guitars and voices.  David Bixby recorded the album in 1969 to eventually have it remastered by Mudshark Studios in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2007.  As the album’s track list progresses, Bixby expertly navigates from Lamentation to Hallelujah, Exodus to Revelation.  One canContinue reading “ODE TO QUETZALCOATL by Dave Bixby – Review by Eric Caroffino”

Rob Magill of Weird Cry Records

Born in 1988, Composer/Improviser/Multi-Instrumentalist/Singer-Song Writer/Concert Promoter/Photographer/Painter/Poet from Ojai, CA. Label owner of Weird Cry Records, founded in 2013. Rob Magill started recording solo material in 2010. Playing in the band Dreamcolour from 2007 – 2015. Collaborating with many local and world renowned musicians. Inspirations of music drawing from, 17th-21st century Classical Music, Jazz, Rhythm andContinue reading “Rob Magill of Weird Cry Records”

Ana Karen

Ana Karen G Barajas is graphic designer, artist, photographer, art researcher and musician.  She developed the first research of Outsider Art in Mexico. She collaborates as image advisor of the educational movement and civil association Science Clubs International. She is currently a PhD student in the research group of “Arts Therapy and Alternative approaches in human services”  where she studiesContinue reading “Ana Karen”

The Sonic Dawn

The Sonic Dawn is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark, known for their eclectic psychedelic style and prolific touring of the European continent. The group was formed in 2013 by childhood friends Emil Bureau, Jonas Waaben and Niels ‘Bird’ Fuglede. They have released four albums, which have been noted for their strong melodies and effortlessContinue reading “The Sonic Dawn”

Petal Motel: Loner folk legend Dave Bixby announces “Harbinger Orchestra”

“Dave’s latest venture is crafting what he’s calling the “Harbinger Orchestra,” after his second album “Second Coming,” recorded under the name “Harbinger” with other members of The Group. Dave’s invited musicians worldwide to record their interpretations of his music in the same way he did – in living rooms, at home, in isolation. Anyone withContinue reading “Petal Motel: Loner folk legend Dave Bixby announces “Harbinger Orchestra””

Le Temps: Dave Bixby, du folk, du LSD, puis la rédemption

“It would take hundreds of pages to sketch Dave Bixby’s life course, his religious quests, his spiritual retreats and his professional wandering. To put it simply: things got out of hand very early on for him, because he had the misfortune of encountering LSD in 1968, at just 20 years old. ‘This drug took me where noContinue reading “Le Temps: Dave Bixby, du folk, du LSD, puis la rédemption”

Bandcamp Daily: Hidden Gems: Dave Bixby, “Ode to Quetzalcoatl”

As a teenager, Bixby experimented heavily with LSD before burning himself out on the drug. With just an acoustic guitar and a newfound belief in God, he began writing songs that captured this limbo. The resulting album ricochets back and forth between hope and despair, regret and wisdom—a vast personal shift captured in real time,Continue reading “Bandcamp Daily: Hidden Gems: Dave Bixby, “Ode to Quetzalcoatl””

Everything is Stories: Current with the Past

“Originally released in 1969, Dave Bixby’s Ode to Quetzacoatl is considered an underground classic in the psychedelic folk genre. With tracks such as “Drug Song” and “666″, the album remains dark, revelatory, and spiritual even in the 21st century. For years, rumors of Bixby’s disappearance and death spread amongst listeners. No one knew his story or his whereabouts or what influenced him toContinue reading “Everything is Stories: Current with the Past”

Far Off Sounds: God’s Singing Man

“In 1966, Dave Bixby burned out on LSD and went temporarily out of his mind. What pulled him back was his encounter with a wandering spiritualist named Don Degraff. Together they formed a prayer group and played music. The group rapidly grew into a Christian cult, and Dave’s music became its trademark. 40 years later,Continue reading “Far Off Sounds: God’s Singing Man”