Wio / de portables Interview Part 1 by Madison McLean

Wio of Ghent, Belgium is a musician with humble do-it-yourself beginnings in handwritten correspondence and home-taping. Now, he and his band de portables are celebrating 27 years of music and he, along with fellow de portables member, Jürgen de Blonde, are the latest members of Harbinger Orchestra. The two are opening for Dave Bixby inContinue reading “Wio / de portables Interview Part 1 by Madison McLean”

Dave Bixby – a Short Story Prompted by Thomas Venker

“1968 I graduated from high school and was turned loose into the world like a free-range chicken. Grand Rapids was a medium-sized town with the Grand River flowing through it, widening its way to Lake Michigan. The lake was an inland freshwater sea 3% larger than the UK. The waves were surfable. Lake Michigan hadContinue reading “Dave Bixby – a Short Story Prompted by Thomas Venker”

Celluloid Humanoid by Issy Josephine

Celluloid Humanoid is a Southern California band that proves there’s much more to the Coachella Valley than the annual Coachella Valley Music Festival. This trio of self proclaimed “art freaks” features James Montenegro, the instrumentalist, Venus Martinez, the vocalist, and Joce Sanchez Gomez, the percussionist.  Their striking visuals and eclectic musical style joins to formContinue reading “Celluloid Humanoid by Issy Josephine”

Mad Gleams by Madison McLean

For Ezra Giovanetto, music has always been a family affair. At a young age, Ezra was hypnotized by the release he found in songwriting, inspired by his father, a fellow songwriter. Now, Ezra and his partner Allison collaborate as Mad Gleams, and share memories of performing at small-town Illinois open mic nights to touring withContinue reading “Mad Gleams by Madison McLean”

David Bixby Interview by Dean Merrell

Just after New Year’s Day, 2023 I had the privilege of interviewing David Bixby about his recent performances.  It was a fitting time of year to hear his story of performing in Copenhagen, Denmark and there experiencing the Nordic tradition of Hygge, a Danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort, joy”.  Nordic people are renownedContinue reading “David Bixby Interview by Dean Merrell”

Derrick Hart Interview – by Issy Condon

A Kansas Native, a self-proclaimed troubadour, and an explorer of the inherent ironies of being human, Derrick Hart brings a particular authenticity to the experimental folk genre. In his 2011 album, “The Shock You Experience at the Sudden Recollection of the Moment You Were Conceived”, Derrick allows the reader to dive into his thoughts, hisContinue reading “Derrick Hart Interview – by Issy Condon”

Justin Jackley – Visual Artist

Justin Jackley is a freelance artist and graphic designer living in the Austin area in central Texas. He frequently creates album cover artwork, posters/fliers, t-shirt/sticker design for various bands and musicians on a local and international level. He also serves as an illustrator and journalist for It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine out of Slovenia and createsContinue reading “Justin Jackley – Visual Artist”

Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons Interview: a Mystic Seeker and a Seer of Sound

Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons are a psychedelic/rock/neo-classical/chamber-doom band. This ensemble brings drama, theater, music and puppetry to the stage. Dalrymple himself is a mystic seeker and a seer of sound. This man wrote an album called Make Believe for tho`se of you who have had a traumatic and troubled childhood. Let the music washContinue reading “Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons Interview: a Mystic Seeker and a Seer of Sound”

Issy Josephine, Intern Journalist Harbinger Magazine

  We welcome Issy Josephine as a new intern journalist for Harbinger Magazine. Issy loves the vintage psych-folk genre in its many shades, including the likes of David Bixby, Linda Perhacs, Vashti, Bunyan, Robert Lester Folsom, and too many others to list here. She also loves to write poetry, some of which has recently beenContinue reading “Issy Josephine, Intern Journalist Harbinger Magazine”

Madison McLean – Journalist

 We welcome Madison McLean as a new intern journalist for Harbinger Magazine.  They come to us with a deep passion for creative writing, grass roots style publication, experimental audio recording, and a love of folk music.  Born and raised in Kentucky, they are an outspoken lover of their home state and its modern resurgence ofContinue reading “Madison McLean – Journalist”