Madison McLean – Journalist

 We welcome Madison McLean as a new intern journalist for Harbinger Magazine.  They come to us with a deep passion for creative writing, grass roots style publication, experimental audio recording, and a love of folk music.  Born and raised in Kentucky, they are an outspoken lover of their home state and its modern resurgence of music and art.  As a college sophomore studying creative writing, they are actively engaged in honing their talent and publishing their own magazine, called Your Bleeding Heart, a fold-out style printed copy zine with hand-made art and writing, including their own flash fiction short stories. 

Recently, they have written as much as 100 short stories per year, many of which are highlighted by themes of love, romantic first encounters, philosophy, ethics, appreciating the inherent beauty of life, and some which are abstract and must remain nameless, so as to allow the reader to relate with their own experience.  In light of today’s popular digital approach to engaging with an audience, their method of engaging their readers is refreshing and personal, as they will often just choose a favored location to drop off about 10 of their printed zines for the taking.  Afterwards they have been pleased to hear responses from readers surprisingly far removed from the drop off locations. 

Their writing inspiration takes from the likes of Virginia Woolf, a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness for storytelling, and Søren Kierkegaard, considered by many to be the father of existentialist philosophy.  They would love to write a theorem that proves that the world is inherently a good place and that life is meant to be enjoyed.  In a sense, we should “let our bellies out”, unafraid to reveal our sensitivities and need to be loved.  One of their favorite songs is David Bixby’s ‘Morning Sun’, a song of love and of how “living is an art”, a beautiful song that reminds them of an appreciation for the simple moment of just sharing love with another. 

In addition to their passion for the written word, they enjoy exploring the world of audio recording, having created their own original recordings of their singing and the sounds of nature.   When asked how they enjoy being an intern with Harbinger Magazine they said “It’s like a dream come true”.  Because of their love of folk music, writing, and the simple beauty of living, Bixby’s music has found a warm place in their heart and they are delighted to be aboard our ship.  We are excited to see their talent in writing soon to appear here.  Be on the look-out!      

-Dean Merrell, Journalist Harbinger Magazine

Follow Madison’s various projects here.

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